Preparing For Your Session

  • Treat yourself to a professional hair stylist for hair and makeup the day of the session. 

  • Remember tips and toes matter! Make sure nails are clean and neat.

  • Avoid clothing with complicated patterns. But do be daring! I'm available for consultation on wardrobe at no extra charge.

  • Accessories really POP! a photo's personality and art factor.  Bring several options so we can collaborate together.

  • Avoid bringing an audience. It's much easier to let yourself shine when you have less people distracting you. I always suggest clients bring one person along for safety, no matter who you shoot with.

  • Get plenty of rest and hydration the day before and the day of the shoot to keep skin at its best behavior. Dark circles under the eyes appear even darker through the camera lens. Take a nap!

  • Do not come hungry. It's no fun to pose for portraits when you feel grumpy and fatigued.