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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Senior year is full of speeding by all the "last times". The last football game played, the last time you walk off the field as a cheerleader, the last time you see your favorite teacher or sit in your favorite class. With all the usual school vacations and activities, plus all the preparation for graduation, it can feel as if something as long as a year is actually a week. And senior portraits can get pushed pretty far down the priority list. After all, time spent with friends and family should come FIRST! But eventually this important graduation task will loom up at you when you rather just be finished with your Senior year. With all the work involved in getting them, it can feel as if the best thing to do would be to just never get them done. Just walk away. Just ignore ENTIRELY.

Why do we even get Senior portraits done anyways? Or ANY portraits, for that matter?Let me take off my photographer hat for a minute and have some real talk with you while wearing my mom hat. Senior portraits are the best way to preserve this stage of your life. At this time, you are young, full of vitality, hope, and dreams! It is quite intoxicating to us older people. We remember those years. These portraits will capture all of that and be placed upon your parent's and grandparent's walls. Years from now, when you're holding the hands of your children or spouse, you'll be able to pass on the story of this stage of your life. Your kids will marvel at their family history that you are helping to write for them. Portraits are the BEST way for families to share their stories! And every child needs a story.

Generations will be thankful that you took the time to create your story in lasting images so that they know where they fit into the family tree. Portraits of by-gone generations give families, especially children, a sense of belonging and self-worth. SO let's switch out my mom hat for my photographer's hat. In order to have portraits that will last generations and be worthy of holding space on walls in family homes, or even wrapped in brown paper and stored in attics for posterity, you MUST use a professional photographer experienced with lighting, post-production work, and knowledgeable in heirloom-quality printing and portrait products. After all, these same portraits you create today will be touched by people who won't be born for almost 100 years! Your own children and grandchildren will be passing them around and admiring them on the holidays as they gather with their own children.

Let me be the professional photographer that helps you create your most cherished portrait. Let's not only create an amazing collection of images, but let me use my skill and experience in helping you whittle down to just ONE portrait that is worthy of being printed as a large print and framed professionally for wall art. Let's find the piece that will be YOUR legacy!

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