I'm a dreamer. And a do-er.  I eat too many burgers. But mine's vegan so...shhh!!!. I struggle and gasp my way through yoga, and I'm much too obsessed with Seamus, my Boston Terrier puppy who has his own IG account @famous_seamusbt.  I prefer slip-on shoes with a sloppy bun. And I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other creatives to style their portraits, but, if you don't feel creative, don't worry. I've enough for the both of us! 

Whether you desire something traditional or more contemporary, I am sure you will love the portraits we create together.


My first camera was a Kodak 110. It was a harsh teacher! I was forced to check out Kodak photography books at my local library in my pre-teens. In the decades since, I have continued to be self-taught. I shoot both film and digital. My two cameras of choice right now are a Nikon FM-10 and a Nikon D750. I own many lenses but my three go-to Nikkor lenses are a 50mm, 85mm, and a 20mm. 


Many of my prior pageant clients have won numerous awards and crowns with my portfolio. I have highly enjoyed working with them! I've also shot illustrations for an author, creating her two book covers and chapter inserts. I am currently working on photographing my puppy's every breathing moment.  What can I say except my kids have grown up and I have maternal needs!

My biggest accomplishment, though, has been my family. I'm a mother to three wonderful humans, a fur son, three feathered brats, and I'm a proud military wife. They are my biggest fans and highly supportive of my dreaming ways. I could not do this without them!